New bingo sites choose 15 Network

zingo-150In the last few months more than 20 new bingo sites opened for business in the UK online bingo market alone. If past history repeated itself you would expect most of these to be skins for the prolific Dragonfish bingo platform.

While some of the new sites have adopted Dragonfish, there is a new software in town that many are choosing instead. This is Jumpman Gaming software on the 15 Network.

The first bingo site on this platform was Lights Camera Bingo in 2011, followed quickly by Showreel Bingo and Zingo Bingo. Things slowed again for a while as the software ‘bedded in’ and was tweaked and adjusted to be at its best. Since then the simple premise of offering a generous 200% welcome bonus, plus extra on a spin the wheel offer has proven to be effective.

Once inside these sites there is a small selection of 90 ball and 75 ball bingo rooms and four hours of free bingo every day. There are some good weekly and monthly giveaways and some really good periodic specials.

Each site has the potential to offer its own unique rooms, but as yet none have taken advantage of this capability.

Recent additions to the 15 Network have been Rovers Bingo and Spice Bingo and there is a new bingo site coming soon that we have heard about, Clucky Bingo, that is also going to be on this software.

There is great potential here and as each of these sites unveils their specials and unique features you will read about them here.

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